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Family Tours

A number of tour companies now cater to special interest groups. For example, there are women-only tours, sports tours, and cycling or horse riding tours. Sporting and adventure tourism has increased significantly in recent years, and destinations such as the Amazon Rainforest and other parts of Central and South America are among the most popular destinations. Alaska and British Columbia are also popular locations for those looking to explore the wilderness and try new sports. But whether your group is a sports fan or not, there is a tour for you.

Those visiting Tours are likely to enjoy the original medieval quarter, or “Le Vieux Tours”. This area is famous for its half-timbered buildings and la Place Plumereau, which is busy with restaurants and pubs. In addition, Boulevard Beranger crosses the Rue Nationale at the Place Jean-Jaures. This is a popular meeting place for weekly markets and fairs. In addition, you’ll find several bridges that cross the river Loire, including the Pont Wilson, which was built in 1998 after a collapsed bridge in 1978.

Catholics will enjoy the sanctity of the Holy Face of Jesus and adoration of the Blessed Sacrament in Tours. This devotion was started by a nun named Sister Marie of St Peter of Tours, who had a vision of Jesus in 1843. In reparation for Christ’s Passion, she also made public the Golden Arrow Prayer. This prayer was a common prayer throughout France, and it has continued to gain popularity and is becoming a popular destination for Catholic pilgrims.

For Catholics, Tours is a special place for worship and adoration. The city has a long history of adoration and devotion of the Holy Face of Jesus. In 1843, Sister Marie of St Peter of Tours reported a vision that started the devotion. It was a vision that was in reparation for Christ’s Passion. She also made public the Golden Arrow Prayer. The word tour is one of the most popular search terms online and can be found in numerous sources.

The ancient city of Tours grew as an important crossing point over the Loire and eventually became part of the Roman Empire. Augustus had called the town “Caesarodunum”, which meant “hill of Caesar.” The city was later known as Tours before the Christian Revolution. In the 14th century, the city was part of the Capetian kingdom and was named Caesarodunum. Saint Martin, Gregory of Toulon, and Alcuin were born in the city. The Silk industry began in Touraine.

The city is home to many historical sites. A tourist guide can help tourists understand the history of a place. For example, a guide may know how to spot a treasure or a beautiful place to take photos. In many cases, a guide will be able to provide the best information about the sights and sounds of a particular location. In some instances, a tour guide can even act as an expert for a company, making them an essential part of the business.